Running towards another new thing

Over the weekend I ran 5km for the first time. This probably doesn’t seem far to some people, but I’m not a runner and never have been. I like the idea of being a runner and I have tried to run a few times over the last ten years, but I could never seem to push past the barriers.

I decided to put a running goal on my list of 32 new things to challenge myself. I decided that it wasn’t enough to run 5km. I had to do it in a good time. So although running 5km is a new thing in itself, that alone is not on my list. What will hopefully become one of my new things is running 5km in under 30 minutes.

Turning up on Saturday for the run was a battle in itself, being up and eating breakfast before 7am is not what I would call weekend fun. I’m sure that if I wasn’t going with my sister, I would never have made it at all. My sister is a runner and I tagged along to one of her run meets.

It was cold, I was nervous and had no idea how far I could run. Up until this day I had only run a maximum of 3 km.

For my first 5km run I am pretty happy I ran the whole way. That’s probably largely due to my sister pushing me along. I found that it helped knowing how far I had run and how far I had left to go. My time was 33 mins 21 secs. I have a little bit of work to do to bring my time under 30 minutes, but at least I now know what I have to work with.

At this stage my focus is on crossing off another one of my new things and don’t intend of taking running up permanently. Although I’ve heard that it can be addictive.