For the first time in my life, I’m on the Naughty List

Throughout my life I have always tried to do the right thing.

I have always tried to arrive on time at school, work and functions.  I’ve never taken a sick day when I wasn’t really sick.  If anything, I would go into work even though I was feeling very ordinary.   I have always met deadlines and continued working until the job was done, regardless of whether I was being paid. My previous employers would all describe me as being very hardworking, loyal and reliable. One of my previous Manager’s would consistently tell me not to work so late, because it wasn’t worth it.  Somewhere along the way this year, I wandered off my straight and narrow track and have found myself on the Naughty List.

Maybe it was when I took time off work because I was bored and went and contracted for another company for a week.  Or maybe it was because I went into work one day and told my Team Leader that I was enrolled in fulltime study and my availability for work was very limited. Or maybe it was because a week later I went back to my Team Leader and advised I was now studying part time and I could work pretty much whenever.

I have seen my colleagues that I started work with back in April excel.  Receiving increased hours, opportunities for training and advancement.  My hours have seriously declined over the last 6 weeks.  There was a time when I was working almost fulltime hours even though I was a casual, but that has all changed now. I am being consistently rostered for 30 hours a fortnight.  The job I have found to be really boring has become even more dull.

The other week I received a call from a temp agency wanting me to do an assignment working 2 days a week for a 4 week period.  I politely declined because I thought that I should be a bit more loyal to my current employer.  I was really annoyed at my self when I went back into work and found yet again, I had only been rostered for 2 days a week.  I should have taken the temp job, clearly I had the availability.

I have asked my Team Leader a couple of times about my hours.  I thought that my changes in availability would affect my roster initially, but I had hoped it would settle down.  I have had consistent attendance and availability for the last 5 weeks and my hours haven’t change.  I approached my Team Leader about the Naughty List but apparently it doesn’t exist. I was told that if my performance was truly an issue I would be taken to a small office down the back ‘for a chat’.

There may not be an official Naughty List, but I feel there is a mark against my name.  I know that I have brought this on myself, but maybe this has all happened because I applied for a job that I was never destined to enjoy.  It was never going to be exciting or busy enough. I have far too much energy to sit around waiting for a customer to call.  Most people would enjoy the quiet time at work, but it drives me nuts.

This is my year of discovery and I have discovered that quiet office jobs are not for me.


Testing the job waters. Restless people should not apply

So the other day I applied for a job. It was the first since I had quit my job. It was on a bit of a whim. I saw it and thought I’m bored, why not.

The day I applied for the job I got a phone call from the recruitment company requesting me to come in for an interview. The interview went well; they thought I was perfect for the job.

Two days later I had an interview with the company. I was excited!! I got all dolled up in a little office dress, cute heels, make up, the works.

The interview was gruelling. They had pages and pages of questions and not the easy stuff either. Gone are the days of asking about strengths and weaknesses. Every response I made was carefully noted on my file. Eek. I was having an AWESOME time. It’s true. I love a challenge. Weird, I know.

Anyway, I’m one of those annoying people who are high on life, I’m truly HAPPY. It appears that I may have been a little exuberant in my interview. I was just Hap, Hap Happy to be there. I was out of my cut off shorts and meeting new people.

The Big, big manager, so not the position’s direct report, the boss above that commented that he felt that the job may not be exciting enough for me.

My internal dialogue went nuts. “Pfft, you pay me, I get excited”. “You’re not really talking it up to me buddy”. “I’m awesome at whatever job I do, boring or not LOL”. “It’s a temp job, how bored could I be”.

I couldn’t deny that the job wouldn’t be boring. I would be chained to a desk all day when I would rather be frolicking outside. I responded by saying something about how could I be bored when there is the challenge of learning and mastering a new job.

A couple of days later I found out I didn’t get the job. Apparently they were very, very impressed with me, but felt I would get bored.

I had to laugh and laugh and laugh. From when I first read the position description for the job I had thought it would be incredibly boring. It was a temporary position so I thought I could suck it up and do the job for a short time. I guess the universe had other ideas. Lesson learnt. Next time I should probably try being true to myself.