#6 of 32 the romance novel

On a normal day, I am far too restless to sit quietly and let the world pass me by.  But when I am in the mood, I really like to read. When I get absorbed into a good story, I cannot be disturbed; this is when I feel truly relaxed.

I do not read literary masterpieces. I find it hard to get my lips around the language and I like to speed read. Even when I’m relaxing, I need to get the book over and done with quickly.

This time in order to achieve another new thing, I decided to leave my comfort zone and leapt into the imaginary romance world of a Mills and Boon novel. I read The Captain and the Wallflower. I didn’t search for hours looking for a gripping synopsis that I could not pass by, but instead made my decision based on cost. The Captain and the Wallflower was the cheapest book in the romance genre I could find.

I would not describe myself as a romantic. I don’t need a man to take care of me, I would not describe myself as a damsel in need of rescuing or have ever dreamt of being swept off my feet by a handsome prince (although I do have my very own prince). I’m more comfortable with action in my life and on the page.

What I enjoyed about the book is that it was an easy read.  I read it in an evening.  There was a story, some romance and a few steamy scenes, but nothing in the league of 50 shades. I became sucked into the book.  The more I read, the more I wanted the lead characters to fall in love.  This made me frustrated. Of course they would fall in love and live happily ever after.

So it’s done.  I read a Mills and Boon romance novel.  I didn’t find it painful to read and I have no grand plans to read another, but I discovered that maybe I am a little bit of a softy at heart.