Troubled by a dream

The other night I had a dream that I went back to being an Environmental Health Officer. In my dream I was happy. I awoke from my dream a little annoyed with myself. Do I want to be a Health Inspector again?? My immediate thought was NO!! So why am I dreaming about it with so much fondness. What am I missing?

I am at week 4 in my new job. Recently I completed my timesheet. Sitting at my desk, I peered down at my total number of hours worked for the fortnight. It was 42. Uncontrollably a broad smile filled my face which soon turned into laughter. This was crazy; I only worked 42 hours in two weeks. Before I had decided to take my gap year, I would work more than that in one week. I was stressed, grumpy and tired, uninspired and felt unappreciated.

Although my income is significantly less then it once was, I didn’t think it mattered because I am happy. But I am beginning to wonder whether I am missing some of the challenges that come with a higher paid job……

2 thoughts on “Troubled by a dream

  1. This is so interesting. I feel pretty uninspired and unfulfilled in my job, but there are times that I notice I like parts of it (and I hate admitting that to myself). I like the responsibility, strategy, and occasional team brainstorming. While I don’t feel this is what I’m meant to do forever, I do want to bring those things into my next career. What part of being an Environmental Health Officer did you like?

    • This is such a tough question because there was so much I didn’t like and I feel at times my dislikes get in the way of my likes. I liked being in a position of responsibility and making decisions, I liked using my brain to solve complex tasks, I enjoyed working in a professional environment, I liked that I was entertained because I was constantly busy, I liked protecting the health of the community and passing on my knowledge through education.

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