In the Vault

Once upon a time I looked in the mirror and realised that I didn’t know the person reflecting back at me. I started my year of discovery as a way of salvaging myself.

I started this blog for myself. I wanted to keep a record of my adventures and connect with like minded people along the way and follow their journeys. I wanted to remain anonymous. I had no plan and I just wanted to be free. I knew that I would have some crazy adventures and make mistakes. I didn’t want to be the topic of gossip or have to explain myself to people that I know. I had locked my adventures away in the secret world of My Adult Gap Year. But I made a mistake. In a moment of weakness I unlocked the vault.

This has worried me for a while, but I was hoping it would blow over. But when someone asked me at a party when my next post would be because they wanted to stay up to date on all of the gossip, I knew I had created a problem. I’m really not sure where to go from here. I have sabotaged something that I had created only for myself. I have considered deleting my blog, but I just don’t know. Thanks for the follow, I appreciate all of your likes and comments but this might be my last post.


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