Selling stuff online #2 of 32

Recently I sold my first item online. Not new to many people, but this was my first outing.

I was a bit hesitant, but after some major ‘spring cleaning’ I had a lot of stuff I no longer wanted.

In some ways I would describe myself as techno deficient. This is a little different from technophobe in that I’m not afraid of technology. I’m generally not that interested or any good at it. I only got my first smart phone 12 months ago. Up until then I was happy with by Nokia 3210 (there was no internet or camera). Yep that’s right. It’s not that I couldn’t afford a better phone, I was just happy with keeping technology at arm’s length. I’m now at a place where I think I should be embracing technology before I fall so far behind I will never catch up

Anyway, I found setting up an online account for selling to be a little fidley, but I got there. So what did I sell? One of Mr Clips business shirts. Great brand, nearly new, worn twice, excellent condition.

Sold for $22.50 plus postage

It was worth about $60 new, so someone got a good buy.

Would I sell online again? Well, I have tried. Some things sold, others didn’t. I’m not about to start an online business, I’m just happy to off load some things I no longer need.


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