32 new things

So far my 2013 has been consumed with me finding a job, which is incredibly boring. I have decided to shake things up a little to get my year of discovery back on track. This year, in my 32nd year of life I will do 32 new things.

Let’s kick it off with #1 My blog. This is a first for me. My biggest challenge will be to maintain it for the entire year.

Suggestions for my 32 new things are welcome, although may not be acted on…..


11 thoughts on “32 new things

  1. – pay it forward i.e. donate blood
    – run a race i.e. 5k or tough muddar
    – enter a cooking contest
    – take a writing class
    – create a recipe book
    – go to a gig with ur dad
    – take ur mum to the theatre
    – ride a camel
    – learn to drive a manual car, tractor or motor bike
    Hey this aint a bad list … get ur own. Lol.

  2. – Definitely take a trip somewhere you’ve never been.
    – Sky dive and/or bungee jump
    – Count your blessings (perhaps as part of your blog?)
    – Get a makeover
    – Sleep under the stars
    – Have a story written about you in the newspaper
    – Learn another language

    Have fun!

  3. One more just came to me …..
    Enter the Australian Master Games. U’ve got til October to train or learn a new sport even. Its held in Geelong this year. Check it out! Imagine winning a metal.

  4. I love this! What a fantastic idea. Might try and come up with 27 things for me though I have no idea what would be on the list.

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