Testing the job waters. Restless people should not apply

So the other day I applied for a job. It was the first since I had quit my job. It was on a bit of a whim. I saw it and thought I’m bored, why not.

The day I applied for the job I got a phone call from the recruitment company requesting me to come in for an interview. The interview went well; they thought I was perfect for the job.

Two days later I had an interview with the company. I was excited!! I got all dolled up in a little office dress, cute heels, make up, the works.

The interview was gruelling. They had pages and pages of questions and not the easy stuff either. Gone are the days of asking about strengths and weaknesses. Every response I made was carefully noted on my file. Eek. I was having an AWESOME time. It’s true. I love a challenge. Weird, I know.

Anyway, I’m one of those annoying people who are high on life, I’m truly HAPPY. It appears that I may have been a little exuberant in my interview. I was just Hap, Hap Happy to be there. I was out of my cut off shorts and meeting new people.

The Big, big manager, so not the position’s direct report, the boss above that commented that he felt that the job may not be exciting enough for me.

My internal dialogue went nuts. “Pfft, you pay me, I get excited”. “You’re not really talking it up to me buddy”. “I’m awesome at whatever job I do, boring or not LOL”. “It’s a temp job, how bored could I be”.

I couldn’t deny that the job wouldn’t be boring. I would be chained to a desk all day when I would rather be frolicking outside. I responded by saying something about how could I be bored when there is the challenge of learning and mastering a new job.

A couple of days later I found out I didn’t get the job. Apparently they were very, very impressed with me, but felt I would get bored.

I had to laugh and laugh and laugh. From when I first read the position description for the job I had thought it would be incredibly boring. It was a temporary position so I thought I could suck it up and do the job for a short time. I guess the universe had other ideas. Lesson learnt. Next time I should probably try being true to myself.


4 thoughts on “Testing the job waters. Restless people should not apply

  1. Girrrrl, I’ve gotten that one a few times. It’s hard to be interesting sometimes! Good luck to you! Keep me posted- I’m following! (:

  2. I loved your post–and your positive energy. I’m glad that you are high on life–I am too, most of the time. We need more people who are high on life. I hope the job market and the universe begin to turn and facilitate more people finding success and becoming high on life!

    Best wishes on your job search. Thanks for reading my blog.

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