32 new things

So far my 2013 has been consumed with me finding a job, which is incredibly boring. I have decided to shake things up a little to get my year of discovery back on track. This year, in my 32nd year of life I will do 32 new things.

Let’s kick it off with #1 My blog. This is a first for me. My biggest challenge will be to maintain it for the entire year.

Suggestions for my 32 new things are welcome, although may not be acted on…..


Totally Awesome Person for Hire

I have realised that for me, there can be such a thing as too much analysis and reflection of self and too much theoretical planning for a job seeking future. I need to do something. I think that I have the equivalent of writers block but for job seekers. For now I just want to go with the flow and embrace opportunities that come my way. I am looking for an opportunity to experience something new.

I’m an energetic go getter looking for some temp work whether it is for one day or for several months. Part time is good too. I am honest, reliable and a quick learner. I love communicating with people whether it is verbal or written.

I thrive under pressure and enjoy a busy environment. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t really for me. I come from a farming family and am not afraid of hard work. I find that my outgoing and friendly nature make me a good fit in most workplaces.

I have tertiary qualifications and have been working in a professional capacity for over 10 years until I decided to resign last year.

I will give almost anything a go; however I’m not so keen on cleaning toilets. I already clean two at home and feel that is probably enough.

I would love to give something a go in one of my areas of interest, food, wine, travel, kitchen gardening, reading, writing or property development but are happy to broaden my horizons.

I have a versatile skill set which includes:
• home cook and gardener
• communications
• compliance
• creative writing
• problem solver
• IT proficient
• customer service
• project management

If you have a genuine position, send me an email myadultgapyear13@hotmail.com and I can send you my C.V which says it all. I also have excellent referees. 

I would love to find some paid work, but I would be interested in work experience too. I am looking for something in Victoria Australia.

Life is an adventure and I’m ready to experience something new. If you are looking to hire I may be the right one for you.

Testing the job waters. Restless people should not apply

So the other day I applied for a job. It was the first since I had quit my job. It was on a bit of a whim. I saw it and thought I’m bored, why not.

The day I applied for the job I got a phone call from the recruitment company requesting me to come in for an interview. The interview went well; they thought I was perfect for the job.

Two days later I had an interview with the company. I was excited!! I got all dolled up in a little office dress, cute heels, make up, the works.

The interview was gruelling. They had pages and pages of questions and not the easy stuff either. Gone are the days of asking about strengths and weaknesses. Every response I made was carefully noted on my file. Eek. I was having an AWESOME time. It’s true. I love a challenge. Weird, I know.

Anyway, I’m one of those annoying people who are high on life, I’m truly HAPPY. It appears that I may have been a little exuberant in my interview. I was just Hap, Hap Happy to be there. I was out of my cut off shorts and meeting new people.

The Big, big manager, so not the position’s direct report, the boss above that commented that he felt that the job may not be exciting enough for me.

My internal dialogue went nuts. “Pfft, you pay me, I get excited”. “You’re not really talking it up to me buddy”. “I’m awesome at whatever job I do, boring or not LOL”. “It’s a temp job, how bored could I be”.

I couldn’t deny that the job wouldn’t be boring. I would be chained to a desk all day when I would rather be frolicking outside. I responded by saying something about how could I be bored when there is the challenge of learning and mastering a new job.

A couple of days later I found out I didn’t get the job. Apparently they were very, very impressed with me, but felt I would get bored.

I had to laugh and laugh and laugh. From when I first read the position description for the job I had thought it would be incredibly boring. It was a temporary position so I thought I could suck it up and do the job for a short time. I guess the universe had other ideas. Lesson learnt. Next time I should probably try being true to myself.

Slow Beginnings

Before I finished work as a health inspector many people asked me what I was going to do, I didn’t know and that was the truth. Many thought that there was more to it, that no one would leave a job because it no longer worked for them. There was discussion of a conspiracy. That I had left to go work for a consulting company and get paid a ridiculous amount of money. It’s true that I was approached, but there were no ridiculous offerings on the table. I wasn’t interested.

This is a little awkward, but I feel the need to put my financial status out there, although I think it is a little bit vulgar to talk about money. I’m not big on structured planning. I go through life with an idea or an outline of how things will work. I didn’t leave paid employment to be a lady of leisure and make my husband work hard for the money. That would just be mean. When I left local government I had a significant amount of leave owing, including long service leave. I didn’t plan on living a lavish lifestyle but I thought that I could probably get away without working for 6 months, although that is not my intention.

My plan if you want to call it that I was to get through Christmas, New Year, my birthday and a holiday with my Mr and then I would think about work. I didn’t anticipate on working in January and if possible I would love to have the summer off.

2013 started with a hospital day procedure, an infection and a road trip. It was the start of February when the whirlwind that was my life set me down and I decided that I had to get things on track, I needed a career path.

I love action, I have ants in my pants and I have to go go go. I didn’t know where to start. I had received a couple of phone calls about working as an Environmental Health Officer, but I didn’t want to go back. It would be easier to just go back. I didn’t appreciate the temptation.

I have been interested in property since I bought my first house in 2005. It is not unusual for me to go to real estate Open for Inspections on the weekend just for fun. My current home was purchased after a random open for inspection one weekend. It was a good buy, huge house, lots of potential, great location.

After looking through some rental properties with a friend, I decided that a career in property management could suit me. Inspection, compliance, reports, communication are all experiences and skills that I had acquired from my former life of Health Inspector. This could work.

I looked in the local paper and found a job but I needed the Agents Representative qualification, so I enrolled online. Just like that it was sorted. I was going to be a property manager. I was excited.

I may still be a property manager, but things change and that is on hold for now.

The path to discovery

Many people think that I am crazy for doing what I did. Others I have been told are jealous. I don’t know what exactly it was that pushed me to leave my secure, medium paid job for a life of nothing, without a clue of what I was going to do.

I joke that I am retired. In reality I am unemployed. For me 2013 will be my year of discovery, although I do not know what I am discovering. What I do know is that I am not going back to my former career. Or so I say.

I went to uni because I thought I had too. I completed high school without any goal in mind. I survived. I didn’t get an amazing score, but I passed. So off to uni I went to complete a degree in something I knew nothing about. What an excellent idea, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

After a mediocre first year at uni, I didn’t know whether I wanted to go back. I had kissed a few boys, made some friends but I didn’t really enjoy my course. Mind you, I still didn’t know what my degree was working towards.

During this year I had met a boy, who convinced me to stick with my degree instead of packing up and heading back to the small country town I called home. I later married him. What a smart boy, but that’s another story.

So when I finished my degree and realised I wasn’t really qualified to do anything. *sigh*. I managed to get a job as a Research Assistant but I also undertook another qualification so I could be an Environmental Health Officer. At the time I didn’t really know what this meant. I later found out I would become a Health Inspector.

My first official job as a Health Inspector was a 6 month contract. I was told on my first day that experienced people had applied, but I was just so engaging and enthusiastic in the interview they gave me the job. I felt sick. I also realised that I had entered a world that was previously only occupied by men.

University did not prepare me for the real world. After a brief orientation I was sent on my merry way. I was underqualified and I had no practical experience. I was completely out of my depth. Even basic tasks like using a photocopier were a challenge. I was young, but I also looked really young and people would question whether I was actually old enough to be doing the job.

At the end of the 6 months, it was acknowledged that I had been thrown in the deep end of the pool, but I had survived so apparently that was ok.

I may have survived but I had scars. I hated being a Health Inspector. In the year that followed I tried to use my university degree to get a job in another field. It was no good, no one would hire me. After some brief stints in customer service and despatch I ended up being an Administration Assistant for a HR and Payroll department. I was bored. I sat at my desk all day doing timesheets and inputting data. So when I got a call out of the blue from a Council desperately seeking an Environmental Health Officer, I thought why not.

I then stayed in the industry for another 8 years. I don’t know what I was thinking, I just went with it. By the end I was competent and confident in my job, but the enforcement side of things never sat very well with me. I hated being the bearer of bad news, which I was quite often.

I realised that common sense when it came to food safety was not so common. A colleague of mine would often say that Common Sense should be replaced with the term ‘Rare Sense’ due to it’s absence. I liked that.

In many ways my work life became ground-hog day. I would see the same people, have the same conversations and the same disappointments.

One day I resigned. I sighted that it wasn’t enough for me to be a Health Inspector anymore and I left my colleagues with the image of me skipping off into the sunset. That was it. My last day as a Health Inspector was 21 December 2012.

Now what…..